Sunday, April 8, 2012

Collector's Showcase - Knoxville toy show

What can I say - no matter where I am, toys follow me! As we were heading to breakfast this morning in our Knoxville (great city BTW) hotel lobby, we spotted a sign. Well, first we spotted a dude in cosplay, and then we saw this sign:
 So we peeked inside:

It was only $3 to get in, so we figured what the heck.

There were a couple dozen dealers - mostly lots of comics and action figures:

 More after the jump:

 A bit of nice vintage:

A couple of artists were also on hand:

A crazy stocked (and really well-organized!) booth:

The friendly booth owner told us the government ordered these cards to be removed from shelves around the time of the Cuban missile crisis because they were too graphic (showing alien invasion and what not).

There were lots and lots of buckets and piles of loose action figures at the show:

I asked around for an Abdullah the Butcher (since he owns the gift shop at the Atlanta hotel where we're probably staying in a couple of days) but no dice.

GI Joe cosplayer in the house

Even evil masterminds can appreciate a good bargain.
This particular show, which is put on by the folks at Purgatory Comics, is held about once a month, at a variety of rotating venues (mostly in Tennessee). Here are some flyers for other upcoming cons:

A welcome sight after the show. (Some of the loose figures were way manky.)
 Finally, our haul!
Total outlay: $4.

This happy couple from two loose figure gulags was just waiting to be united. They were all set to join us on our voyage through the South!

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