Monday, January 9, 2012

Super Festival 58

Today's Super Festival was one of the most energetic, well-attended, and packed with exclusives in recent memory. Really nice time, and as usual, a casual vibe by lunchtime after the buying/selling frenzy subsided. 200+ pics for you this time, arranged by maker, alphabetically. Hope you enjoy the KK virtual tour. :O)

Bara Pro

Beautiful SF 58 exclusive with strobe light head!


 200 more pics after the jump:



 Cord Viper

 Creative Design


Test Shots

Prototype sculpts of figures from an upcoming series, including figures from five designers! (More on these in an upcoming post.)

One of my favorite Frenzys to date. I asked about overseas orders, and they said they will ship overseas!

 Galaxy People
 Giga Brain

 Grody Shogun and Velocitron

MVH paints!

Gorgeous palette. Most figures were for display only.

Ilanena-san assembling a beautiful new wood display set up.

Subarashi. (but not for sale-ashi)

Ilanena has caught mashup fever!
 Ilu Ilu
Sakaguchi-san confirmed that these exclusive versions were for sale today at SF 58 only. Pure show exclusives.

These incredible throw-back books, made by Sakaguchi-san, are blank inside. Even the bags have an intentionally worn effect, to complete the "sitting in an old bookstore for 30 years" look. They were for display only.

 Kaiju Ken


 Kowelly Town and Spooky Parade

Nice resin figures on chains

These sets, featuring nice handmade boxes, came with T-shirts + a resin toy in the egg. Cool!



Nerf gun game prizes! (I never win but love to try my hand :p )

Nerf gun shooting game.

That's a lot of resin!

 Monster Worship

Nice grapey unpaints!
Chad did all these rubs.
 Monsters Lab
 Pico Pico and Sunguts

He was remote controlling the little critter on the floor from inside the suit. Next level crazy! So awesome.

 Rampage Toys

Really nice colors on these.

 Real Head
Some nice adults. The Pheyosman was new for the show.

Gorgeous Tanuki rub. First Tanuki I've seen sold with any paint.

Secret Base
Sorry they had a very strict no photos policy. They sold a new red Rebel Ink, a painted Devilman, a Toy Story crane game dude, Micro Infection Monsters on keychains, and a couple other things. There was also a display sample of the upcoming Spongebob figure.

Drop dead gorgeous and drop dead quickly sold out.

Lucky bag all clear unpaints.

I love this one too!
 US Toys


(Correction: I checked, and this is not GID as I was told.) The figure came with a signed illustration by the manga artist!!! (I'll post a pic soon.)


Blobpus Umi poodle was display only.

 Dealer Tables and Other Sights

Really nice acrylic cases. But quality comes at a price. (10,000 yen for mid sized cases)


snakepunchesfox said...

Andy, What a post! A ton of super releases!
Thanks for sharing so many fantastic pics!!
No Grody Shogun this time?

andy b said...

It's in there. Wade through the SF sofubi stream again! ^_^

Rob said...

Great coverage, thanks for sharing with us... so good to see the Frenzy and Ilu Ilu goodness!! Keep up the great work!

snakepunchesfox said...

Phew, thought I was going blind there for a second.
Looks like the Monsters got the rub treatment...maybe?
Love the green and white. Something about that green looks familiar. hmmmm....
Thanks again Andy!

andy b said...

I think it was more of a dripping wet paint attack! I got one that looked like Luke in his J-overalls. They're not just toys. They're fashion statements.

Tim said...

Great photos!
I'm really digging those Cord Viper figures. I need to see if I can nab one.
The RxH look great as always. The red glitter Bigaroid is amazing!

Bill D said...

Great job!

Monsterforge said...

FANTASTIC report, Andy! Thank you so much for keeping us up on what will make us broke in the future!

Kinda cool seeing the OMFG! figures in Japan! ^__^

andy b said...

Thanks guys. I love the way shows like SF have something for everyone. That's why I try to cover all the sofubi makers' tables. ^_^

krakit said...

I love this post! Because I can't
go to Super Fest this is the
next best thing. Thank you so
much, Andy, for your coverage.

My favorite toy of the event
is the Yamaton by Yamanaya.
Both colorways have me doing
back flips!

andy b said...

Thanks Krakit. We also dig the Yamaton. Thanks for reminding me I need to shoot the signed illustration they handed out to people who bought the figure. ^_^

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