Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rampage Toys x Splurrt Cadaver Kid

Rampage Toys + Splurrt have teamed up for a fantastic collaboration, entitled the Guardian Daemon Cadaver Kid.

The release, which is limited to 10 pieces, features an excellent paint job by Jon of Rampage Toys on a flesh base vinyl Cadaver Kid.
base vinyl
The highly detailed paint work contains a mixture of nicely blended broad and fine spray with very precise brushwork. Jon really went to town on the figures, and they came out great with fantastic color balance and an intricate, though not overblown palette.
top down view
Can't say I'm crazy about the pentagram on the chest plate, since it seems like kind of a cheap effect that doesn't really add to the design (yeah I get that it's a demon), but it's a small point, and I do like the application of shapes and stencils on vinyl, which Jon has been working with in recent months.
front/back look
The figures are priced at $65 each, and they'll be available on Jon's Big Cartel site sometime around 10:00 PM EST on Thursday January 26. Good bet they'll sell out within minutes, so to all those F5ers out there - ganbatte!

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