Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shuzenji Temple

Welcome to the latest in KK's Travels in Japan series. This time we're visiting Shuzenji Temple, located near Mishima on the Izu Peninsula.

I don't typically go out of my way to "see the sights" in Japan, since I prefer my stay here to unfold  organically. So it was with Shuzenji Temple, which we came across in a little town near Mishima. We were there for the hot springs (which were very meh...Come to think of it, the free foot soaking springs we found were a lot nice than our hotel's!) But just a sort walk from our lodge was Shuzenji Temple, which is very nice.

It was founded some 1200 years ago, though the current buildings are around 100 years old. I love wandering through spaces like this. Though the religious and cultural underpinnings are far beyond my purview, the temple and its adornments have an unmistakable aesthetic which has resonated through the culture for centuries. Matter of fact, more than a few indy toys draw their inspiration from this well.

OK, enough of my thoughts. More pics:
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