Sunday, January 2, 2011

RxH x Uamou show @ Studio Uamou

To mark a fortuitous start to the new year, Real Head and Uamou held a show at the Studio Uamou in Akihabara. Along with some gorgeous new mini fortune cats, there were Uamou Happy Bags for sale. Also, the adjacent cafe is now open and in full swing, selling hot drinks, beer, and Uamou inspired snacks!
 New figures:

More after the jump:

Guests on hand:

Mori + Cord Viper

 The cafe:

 More shots of the shop:

Shef told me these may be slotted for release as early as this month!

A peek behind the glass wall at the inner studio!

Here's what I got.


Anonymous said...

*_* Fortune cats that would never make their way online!! Do you think it's possible if I send you funds and you'll get a couple for me?


andy b said...

Nice releases, for sure! I'm afraid I didn't have time to go back.

Anonymous said...

ah well :) another time then! :)

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