Monday, January 10, 2011

More info about Ilu Ilu

Ilu Ilu has created a lot of buzz in the sofubi world since his debut appearance at yesterday's Superfestival 55.
Altered Man
The figures are about 5" tall. The arms, legs,and head are articulated. Altered Man comes with additional inserts you can pop in and out by separating the figure at the waist. The inserts are reversible, so you get a total of four different chest designs. The figure also comes with a clear, removable helmet.

The subtle detailing on the figures is impressive. (For example, Altered Man is wearing tennis shoes!) The mini figures are meticulously sculpted.
Neo Gorilla
Ilu Ilu is a one-man operation. The figures were sculpted and painted by one guy - 扳口明宏 (Akihiro Sakaguchi)- who lives in Kobe. He also designed the packaging, which is impressive, especially for Neo Gorilla and the 8 mini figure set.
I was told Sakaguchi-san works as a professional packaging designer. This is the kind of creative synergy I love. We're lucky that his knowledge of software, materials, and production methods is being put to great use with his new sofubi line!
8 figure mini set.
Here are the original prices of the figures:

Altered Man: 4900 yen
Neo Gorilla: 5900 yen
Aban (mini figures): 800 yen
Set of 8 minis with backing display: 6400 yen

I asked when his next show would be, but he wasn't sure. Hopefully soon!


krakit said...

Definitely looking forward
to seeing more from Iru Iru.

andy b said...

Same here!

Just as a follow up, Sakaguchi-san spells the company "Ilu Ilu" so I've changed the post to match.

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