Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Land of the Gigantor Playmobil Toys!

I guess a lot of Japanese collectors are really into Playmobil! Which is cool since it looks like a great line. Here's another shop set up, at Nakano Broadway:
 More pics after the jump:

Check out these huge figures. They're even on backer cards!

These look like some overseas variants of the figures, or maybe other block figure lines.


Playmobil said...

Playmobil never fails to give joy and excitement to the children. Even the adults enjoy to go to Playmobil land to visit and see different playmobil figures.

dantitan said...

hi, one question, you know the website of this Japanese shop?

thank you so much

Regards Daniel

andy b said...

I think the shop may have been bought by Robot Robot, so you could try Googling that.

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