Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tokyo ---> Osaka さようなら、東京。 こんにちは、大阪!

It's been a GREAT stay in Tokyo. I've really enjoyed attending toy shows, hanging out with old friends, making new ones, and setting up more cool new Kaiju Korner exclusives (more on those in the weeks & months to come!)

Alas time flies and I'll be rollin' on in a few hours. I'll be taking the good 'ol highway bus to Kansai. Unfortunately, Charactics has closed, as has my favorite tamago don joint, but there's plenty of other great food, and I'll try to find some good toy info to report during the few days that I'm in Osaka. One place I'm really looking forward to visiting is the US Toys shop. ^_^

私の日本友人に: 私には、素晴らしい訪問がありました。 すべてをありがとうございます。 私が再びまたあなたに会うことができることを願っています!

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