Sunday, May 17, 2009

Design Festa 29: Day 1 Report

There's no other event quite like Design Festa. It's a little bit of everything thrown into a blender and served with a side of pickles. With that in mind, onto the report!

Design Festa is held at the Big Site, one of the few venues large enough for such a massive event. There are hundreds (maybe more) of exhibitors displaying everything from postcards to leather goods to handmade clothing. On top of that, there are artists doing live installations, performance artists, bands, grown men dressed as pandas...Enough blab, onto the pics!

A few sofubi and resin makers make it to the event every year.

Cosmo Knight Alpha: Event exclusive:
Itokin Park: Some close ups:
Dead Presidents custom:
Lash custom:
Custom rainbow and marble sample:
Chef's collab rainbow Lucha:
Iti test shot: Lucha Blythe: Gord (Yardarm) hard at work!

Atelier Puu's booth:
Onto the random hodgepodge of visual victuals that makes DF what it is!
Come one, come all and paint where ye find space! (Tom was not a shy one.)
Lots of folks selling postcards for a reasonable 100-200 yen. Plenty of live installations, which I always enjoy:
Some crazy ballooning! One of the live performances on the outdoor stage. Fortunately the weather was much better than last year.
Of course, there's always some costuming:
I really liked this exhibitor's bead work:
The Deathscalator! No guards this time, so I guess they feel confident that it's strong enough now. (At least that's what you hope while traveling on a three-story escalator!)
Made of bottle caps and cardboard circles:
A lot of folks make a little living space and just hang out for two days doing their thing. Very bohemian.
Pimp your coiffure?
Oink flu be damned!
Wire art:
Mario Kart, anyone?
Without doubt the freakiest thing I saw this year. Trust me, you don't want to see the other side....
Well, that's all for this year. I hope you liked the write-up. Design Festa is held twice a year, so if you're in Tokyo while one of the events is on, I'd definitely recommend checking it out!

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