Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hobby Complex 07 Tokyo

I'm just back from Hobby Complex 07. I thought it was a really nice event - much bigger than last year's Kobe Hobby Complex, and with a nice variety of figures and dealer tables.

Hobby Complex is mostly a garage kit (plastic models) event, but there are also a fair number of sofubi makers in attendance, as well as companies selling everything from Transformers to vintage eraser toys.

Hobby Complex 07 was held on a rainy day at Tokyo's Big Site.

The line to get in was very well controlled. I was expecting to see a dealer dash, but there was nothing of the sort (though I saw some pretty mean line position jostling when it came time to line up at one of the garage kit booths!)
Folks were led in very carefully and told not to run (though there some of that once the crowds broke free of the line guards). People are holding up their program books, since those are also the tickets to get in.
Incidentally, the elevators were also *very* well monitored. So, all in all there seems to be a strong emphasis on safety at the Big Site - understandably after the elevator accident at last year's Wonder Festival.

The crowd was impressive!
OK, on to the sofubi.
Creative Design:

Show exclusive Godzilla:

Ilanena & Velocitron shared a booth:



Coming @ Design Festa:
Darkside Hero Toys:

Assorted garage kits, resin figures, and otherwise cool stuff:

Toy dealer tables:
There was some pretty impressive photography equipment on hand!
My pickup from the show:
Well, that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed the report.
Next up, Design Festa!


Unknown said...

Do you know any toy shop sell Beyblade METAL FIGHT Toys in taiwan or taipei.DO replay thanx

andy b said...

I have no idea - sorry!

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