Saturday, November 6, 2010

Design Festa 32 Report. Part 1: Sofubi

Ah Design Festa...Where else can you see a booth filled with fine art next to a booth used as a gurney for an alien dissection and then think, "Yeah, that makes sense." The latest installment of the long-running show did not disappoint. Thousands of art fans, interested onlookers, and people with giant plastic fruits used as headgear flocked to Tokyo's Big Sight to get their weird on.

There's always so much going on at the show (which occupies a space large enough to host a fleet of Spruce Geece) that one post isn't enough. So let's start with the sofubi. Wait, before we do that, can we zoom in on the entrance arch...
Yeah, that's it. The idols of Design Festa past!

Enough of the preramble - on to the toys! But first, a man with half his face shaved:
Let's begin....

The biggest selection of sofubi was concentrated just inside the main entrance. There, Max Toy, Dream Rockets, Sunguts, Pico Pico, and more shared a row of booths which, along with companies set up throughout the venue, made this show a serious toy event in its own right.

Max Toy and friends:
 There were a *ton* of gorgeous one offs on hand.
Glow Bead Glory!!
 75 more photos after the jump!
Sunguts and more:
 Sunguts had a few two-tone beauts on hand:
 Dream Rockets:
 Pico Pico:

Waiting in the wings...
 Worldwide debut of the Four Horsemen's Outer Space Men!!!
 Velocitron goodness:
 Design Festa exclusive mini fortune cat:
And now, a word from Jack...
Are you digging this yet!!
Sunguts was double digging it. He also had his own booth...
...and he brought a friend!

Atelier Pu:
 Black Rabbit designs:
Amazing Skuttle customs!!!
Kaiju dioramas (not sure if it's made of sofubi, but who cares - we're no material fascists!)
Here's what I picked up:
 Phew - that's all for now.  Hey wait a min-
But what about the beautiful people???
It's all good - I got your back. Check back tomorrow for Part 2 of my Design Festa 32 picapalooza: Everything else!


Anonymous said...

hey andy ! dang nice coverage as always , wish i could have been there !

andy b said...

Thanks Mark! DF is always something else - that's for sure! It's probably one of the cheapest "big" events in Tokyo (booths start at around 10,000 yen for a single day), so you get people renting a space and just sitting there drinking tea and painting all stuff!

AUXPEER° art | brand | content said...

Awesome pics Andy... thumbs up!!!
Keep on spreading your news to the kaiju community... cheers =P

Bebop Designs said...

Great post! Keep it up!

kaiju-ed said...

You wouldn't want to imagine what I would give to be there!

I can't wait for more pictures tomorrow!

andy b said...

Thanks all! At Design Festa - you really get a lot of bang for your buck. There are hundreds of booths + indoor and outdoor performances and concerts. Good times!

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