Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back to US Toys

Ah, there is hope for sofubi in Osaka! After a really nice day at the 1970 Expo Park (special blog post on that day-trip coming soon!), we headed to US Toys. It was only my second trip to the shop, but it's so close to the station that it was easy enough to find.

The shop is still stocked with sofubi - tons and tons of US Toys figures (of course), and all kinds of other kaiju from major companies and indy outfits. There is also some modern and vintage diecast tucked away here and there in a store so full of display cabinets and boxes that two people literally cannot stand side by side in an aisle - me likey!

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During my last visit to the store, I took a bunch of photos and posted them, so I figure I can leave that out this time. Click here to check out that post. What I failed to do last time is post info on how to get to the store. I've done that, including a link to a Google Map, so that should make it easy if anyone wants to head to the shop.

If you're just looking for a handy map to the store, click here.

And I really do hope a bunch of folks make the trip. US Toys is one of the last pure bastions of sofubi  goodness in Kansai - seriously. The shop is near Tsukamoto station, which is only 5 minutes from Osaka station.

Besides making his own toys, licensed from some of the best of the best classic kaiju companies, the store's owner sells figures from great outfits like Shikaruna, Marmit, and Rainbow.

At the shop, I was stoked to see he has out out a bunch of new mini figures. I picked up a couple, doubling my Osaka haul. ^_^

If you find yourself in Osaka, get yet to US Toys!

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