Sunday, October 31, 2010

Real Head x Kaiju Blue New Releases

Today, another wave of Real Head releases were sold at Kaiju Blue, as part of the ongoing Shinjuku Battle Royale exhibition.
Unlike the last wave, which was blind bagged, today's releases were handled lottery style. So, at 10:45, a Kaiju Blue staffer put as many numbers in a bowl as there were people in line, and you chose a number to determine your buying order. There was a limit of one of each figure per person.
We pulled some lucky line up numbers!

After the drawing, we waited in line for a few minutes while they readied the store. A pic from outside looking in:
Once inside, everything was very orderly. You had a chance to look at everything on the table and pick up what you wanted when your turn came.
These two one-offs (Kazariya Minokichi x Real Head collabs) were the first to go:
Other exclusives:
It was a pretty good sized gathering for a day that was supposed to see the back end of a typhoon. Fortunately, the weather was mostly dry and not too cold - a welcome change!
The new releases were also set up for public display in the main display cabinet.

Some pics and close ups:
The next two were already sold, but they were put back out on display for a few minutes:
Everyone had a good time hanging out and chatting with Mori, and it seemed that most people got what they wanted. There were around 10 of the Skulltoys collab + Fortune Cat, and around 15-20 of each of the Chaos figures.
Here's what I picked up:
Toy wise, this was probably the best event of the Halloween weekend. Good times!

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