Sunday, October 17, 2010

Real Head Shinjuku Battle Royale @ Kaiju Blue

Kaiju Blue continues its line of sofubi shows with this latest show/exhibition from Real Head entitled Shinjuku Battle Royale.

Pics of the main display case:
The show opened on October 14, but today a surprise group of custom one-offs were sold, via blind bag. They quickly sold out, but it's cool that Kaiju Blue left them out for display for a while.
The latest rainbow warriors...
Great piece....
Nice to see this Skulltoys collab see the light of day again:
Cool Chaos mashup:
Two versions of the new mini Chaos:
Fortune cat display:
Other RxH for sale:
Show exclusive mini Fortune Cat:
Kaiju Blue has steadily expanded its sofubi offerings. The figures for sale seem to be a mix of figures sold at previous shows with a range of standard releases from designers like Blobpus, Sunguts, Billiken, Uamou, Max Toy, Real Head, etc.
Some amazing stuff from Vinyl Junkies and other designers in this former pachinko machine:

Previous shows I've covered at Kaiju Blue:
- Max Toy Co.
- Sakabashira Imiri
- Vatundoo Exhibition

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