Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cronic Black Parade @ Tokyo

Today at OneUp at Nakano Broadway, the mother of all Cronic one-off shows was held. More than 30 one-offs were sold, including: Maverasu, Bakurasu, Zyurai Asu, and Tripasu.

A wide variety of paint styles were on hand, including metallic spray, "handpaint," and even an amazing new kind of pinstriping, which I guess we can call "tattoo pinstriping".

Some people arrived before 6 AM to line up for the event. We rolled up at around 9:30. Very cool show!
Some pics:


Anonymous said...

Great Pics. I wanted to check the each figures more at that place but now I can :D

Anonymous said...

i'm from malaysia and i wants ask u how i can get all of cronic black toys..would u help me..
pls email to me..

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