Sunday, June 24, 2007

Cronic Spotlight #2: 2006 Winter Design Festa Maverasu

This Maverasu was released last year at Design Festa 24. As a good buddy explained to me, the version is called "Aka Oni" meaning "Red Devil" in Japanese. Last month, at Design Festa 25, a companion version called "Ao Oni" ("Blue Devil") was released.

Not only does the Aka Oni Maverasu have a gorgeous paint job, but the figure is GID!

Before the shoot - lunch at a nice vegetarian buffet:

Posing with a cool Buddha statue at the restaurant. Dig the reflective surface:

Out in the open, on the grounds of a Taipei junior high school. It just so happens that today hundreds (thousands?) of would-be teachers were gathered at the school to take a qualification exam. So there was much seriousness as my girlfriend and I wandered around taking pictures with a kaiju toy. ;-)

From another spot:

Close up:

Side view:

Back view:

At a tea house enjoying a cold one out of the hot sun:


akum6n said...

Very interesting about the companion Maverasu pieces- thanks. I always enjoy a bit of back story with my toys.

andy b said...

Me too! Part of each Cronic figure's spotlight will be info about the figure's release.

Look out for an Ao Oni Maverasu spotlight in the near future!

geozilla ジーヨジラ said...

Love the orchid shot.

andy b said...

Cheers. I love wandering around looking for nice backgrounds that go well with figures.

Heh, as we were eating at the veggie place, we saw a neat jade Buddha statue. Unfortunately some people were sitting at the table where the statue was, so we waited for them to leave...and waited...for a chance to take the shot. Well, those people kept refilling their teas, so after a good long while we threw up our hands and left.

Fortunately there was another neat statue on the ground floor, where the second shot in the series was taken. ^_^

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