Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cronic Spotlight #1: 2006 TTF Zyurai Asu

This Zyurai Asu figure was released last year at the Taipei Toy Festival. It was sold at the OneUp booth. Made of clear vinyl with a complex rainbow colored paint job, each figure took Koiwa-san quite a while to paint.

I really love this figure. One of the very cool things about it, as I hope the photos show, is the way it gives off different looks in bright and dimmer lighting conditons. Plus, using a flash when shooting the figure brings out a whole other side.

First, front, back, and side shots:

A couple of close ups:

And now the light started to fade. I love the eerie effect.
Here's a close-up shot taken in dim light.
And the same look with a flash used:

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