Monday, June 26, 2017

1966 Batman TV Show Themed Pinball Machine

We've all been saddened by the recent passing of Adam West. What a fantastic legacy Mr. West, the other actors, and the whole production team left fans of the caped crusader. More than half a century after it first aired, everything from the costumes to the catch phrases has become iconic.
During a recent trip to Osaka, I grabbed a few minutes to duck into the glorious Silver Ball arcade. I spotted a pinball game based on the 1966 Batman TV show. It looked so awesome that I wanted to snap a few shots to share with you.
Check out that design!!

 More after the jump:

This crane swings around and is a big part of the game play.

Now that's a Rogues Gallery for the ages.

Here's where the ball is launched. Holy Corgi reminiscing!

There's even a card from the trading card set signed by Adam West.

If you're ever in Osaka and enjoy a good game of pinball, this place is supremely worth a visit!

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