Monday, January 16, 2017

Dragon Ball Z x Japan Rail Stamp Rally

Japan Rail (JR) has a new stamp rally. This time it's the megahit anime Dragon Ball Z's turn to populate JR station with its characters.
JR staff getting in on the fun.
The stamp booths are located just outside of JR stations all over Tokyo. (I imagine they place them outside the stations so you can't just zip around the city and collect all the stamps without paying a fare.)
Here's what the stamps look like.

Inside stations are signs telling you which character stamp you can get, as well as the location.

More after the jump:
The cool stamp books are free.
Here's a look inside:
Station and stamp map

Blanks for the stamps

Here's what one of the stamps looks like.

It seems this time a lot of the promotional tie-ins are food-related.

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