Saturday, November 12, 2016

Gundam Ichiban Kuji 7-11 Goods

I've come to enjoy walking into 7-11's and seeing the latest Ichiban Kuji - which translates to "Number One Lottery" - goods. They seem to cycle through once every month or two.
This time around, Gundam is the theme...with a twist. Instead of just the standard statuettes, towels, and placemats, these goods have a practical, home goods bent. It's like Gundam Day at Home Depot.
As a reminder, the way these work is you pick up a ticket from the display and bring it to the register. You pay the amount (usually in the 300-600 yen range) and choose a card randomly. The letter on the card corresponds to the type of good you can claim. A is the top prize. There is, I believe, just one of these per store. The next tier is B, and then C, and so on.

After the jump, let's have a look at the prizes:
This is the A prize. It takes batteries, though I can't tell what its function is.

Prize B... a Gundam tissue paper holder. Awesome!

Coat hanger for prize C!!

Here's a handy card case.

Tooth brush holder for Prize F. Yeah, the F prizes are usually down there on the desirability scale.

Now this is nice, and it's the lowest prize - G. It's a Gundam-shaped ice cube maker!!

Now you can have your favorite beverage on the rockets!
It's nice to see some creativity and fun brought to a very well heeled property like Gundam. Must be fun to be part of the team that gets to think up this cool stuff!

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