Thursday, June 30, 2016

Toys & Life in Residential Japan: Potted Plants Filled with Toys

Toys and characters are a big part of life in Japan. It's much more common to see an Ultraman or Kamen Rider promotional tie in than, say, something from the latest movie. So you see posters, signs, and all sorts of other things related to Japan's character kings like Mario, Doraemon, Godzilla, Pikachu - the list goes on and on...
People in Japan like putting little statuettes (toys, animal sculptures, etc.) in front of their houses. Sometimes you'll even see them cemented onto walls and fences. Recently, I came across a home that tops them all. In front, there were dozens of little toys stuffed into planters, like a mini display being shared with everyone passing by.

Here's a video I shot:

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