Thursday, May 19, 2016

Design Festa 43 - Live Art

One of the most compelling aspects of Design Festa is the exhibition of live art that goes on throughout the show.
This happens in a variety of ways. Participants renting small booths can elect to have blank canvases set up on the walls behind them. (Apparently, these are then peeled off at the end of the show.) Some use their booths just for this purpose, and in lieu of tables or cases, they use the floor space to spread out drawing or painting materials.
Various folks were asked to add to the Hints and Spices wall, By Sunday, it had quite a few drawings on it! My contribution to a small corner of this section reveals my limited skills. But Shane was very polite, and I was given consolation chocolate. It all worked out.
Others, like our indie toy buddy Hints and Spices, integrate the canvas into their booths, where they also sell toys, cards, and other wares.

Here are a few more small canvas spaces:
 More after the jump:

This booth was in the low-light area of the show. Always an interesting section to check out,
Next up are some large-sized canvas spaces that require ladders to reach the top (unless you're Hodor):

Finally there are gargantuan wall-sized canvases that must take quite a lot of planning beforehand. Some of these produce spectacular works.

It takes a lot to stand in pubic all day painting in front of thousands of strangers, so kudos to the artists who take part in every show, and also to Design Festa for providing the platform and exposure.

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