Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bagged Double 6 games from the 70s

In the past I've written about paper board games, known as "double 6" games in Japanese. Now I'd like to show you some unopened sets. These are especially cool since you can see the inserts that came with the games, as well as the cool header cards.
These are pretty big. For scale, the Barom 1 figure on the left (lah lah lah lah lah for those Barom fans in the house)  is about 5" tall.

Gatchaman is the main image on this game.

Fun header card
More after the jump:

Back pic

This game came with a big paper insert. So you could cut out and make a dice, and I guess turn your face into some kind of garish clownscape.

Here's the other game.

Quite a few tokusatsu heroes featured on this one - Barom 1, Lion Maru, and Mirrorman on the front.
Kind of a cherubic header on this one.

Back pic

Triple Fighter joins the tokusatsu crowd.

The inserts here are, once again, cut out face parts...

...but also dice and other game parts. So that's very cool - the whole game all ready to roll.

Just a couple more interesting and very off-the-radar type items that made life in the 70s pretty awesome for millions of kids in Japan.

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