Sunday, July 27, 2014

SDCC 2014: Indie Toys

Welcome to Kaiju Korner's coverage of SDCC 2014. We start with the main event - a look at the indie toys released at the show.  As always, booths and organized alphabetically.

3D Retro

 175 pics after the jump:




Gargamel, Martin Ontiveros, and Bwana Spoons

Stay tuned for an interview I did with Bwana.

Gary Ham, Scott Tolleson, and Julie West

Giant Robot

Kozik and Skinner

Kuso Vinyl



Munky King

October Toys

Paul Kaiju
Part GID/Part milky white


Mark Nagata customs

Squid Kids

Soon I'll be uploading an interview I did with Brian Flynn about Super7's vinyl toys and the ReAction series.


Toy Tokyo

Thanks for reading! More SDCC 2014 content coming soon...


Inknpaper said...

Another amazing set of photo coverage, Nice Job! Can't wait to hear what you thought of the event itself. Someday I will make it out there :) Thank you again for your posts!

andy b said...

Thanks for the feeedback! think it was a good event, but every year is a little different. This year there wasn't too much indie toy stuff, but a lot of other things going on, like comic artists signing books. I did more of that this time. In previous years, I've done more panels, outdoor events, etc.

So it's hard to say what the "SDCC Experience" is like or going to be like since everyone is into different things, and each year the events and offerings are different. I guess if anything I've learned to go into it with a range of possible interests, and then focus on whichever of those are at the con during the year you attend.

The one thing about that is it makes planing a bit tough. But if you go with the flow, it's easy to have a good time - and Sunday is a great day to just cruise the booths and enjoy the displays - and maybe get some free goodies like comics, posters, and cards.

Brian said...

Nice coverage as always, Andy. Did you happen to see the Tomenosuke x Circus Posterus sofubis that ended up in Cardboard Spaceship's booth later during the show?

andy b said...

Thanks! I didn't see any CP X T stuff this year. Must have missed the booth.

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