Monday, September 30, 2013

Super Festival 63 / スーパーフェスティバル63

Welcome to Kaiju Korner's Super Festival 63 report. We have 175 photos for you from more than 30 toy makers. The photos are organized and sorted, labeled by maker, in alphabetical order, and I'll add info where I have it. Take that IG!

Angel Abby

 170 pics after the jump:

Art Junkie:

Astro Zombies

Astro Zombies are celebrating their 20th anniversary. Congratulations!

Marbled Pushead Skullwings. The one on the left is painted. The one on the right has glitter mixed in with one of the marbled colors. Really cool.

Gorgeous record-cover sized Pushead print


Blackbook Toys


Today's release
The following group of Blobpus figures were display only and will be sold later through his website.
Collab with Hinomaru-ya. This will go on sale Oct 5.
No dates yet for the rest of the collabs.
blue base

also blue base vinyl

I love the weapon accessory with this Red Man.


Cosmo Knight Alpha
Display only. No information about when, how, or if these will be released in the future.

Creative Design

Dream Rockets

Yet another new sculpt from the amazing creative source that is Dream Rockets!


Sofubi Betty Boop!

Fewture Models

Super Festival mascot!

Looks like Fewture is getting into the Transformers scene!

Futuristic and Friends

Galaxy People and rampage

Jetture and Handsome Tarom

Kaiju Ken

New maker in the indie toy scene, and already a cool rubber outfit (with lights!)


New mini version of the Iron Monkey

One of the most awesome things I saw at the show. Hopefully coming soon.


I think these are shooting game prizes.


New Mitari casts

Gargamel micros
Nerd One

Omiso Factory

I thought these kits were really cool too.
Pico Pico and Sunguts


New head for a very familiar body. Adds a lot of character.

Secret Base
Some of the micros from the Artist series.

One of several secret releases during the day.

The black standard sized Secret Base Ooze It was another secret drop. It came in a box. The only thing displayed at the table was the head.
Shamrock Arrow



US Toys

Beautiful giant Kanegon




And that's a wrap. Thanks for reading!


Chris said...

Awesome coverage, thanks!!

boo velvet said...

Ditto! Thanks for continuing to bring us the good stuff, Andy. As usual, you made my day. Hope you got some cool goodies :D

Ryan said...

Hi there,

I was wondering if you had any more info on the Creative Design Godzilla toys you have in this post. Where would I be able to find more about the line and where to buy them?

Thank you!

andy b said...

They're a Japanese outfit. I think they have a site or a blog, but I'm not sure what it is. Maybe someone who knows it and sees this can post it and help you out.

Konbanwa said...

Any idea how I can find out what the dates for Super Festival 64 will be? We are planning a trip to Japan, and my husband hopes to coincide with the Super Festival. I saw your note about the Design Festa English website, and I was hoping Super Festival would have one too. Thanks!

andy b said...

Here ya go:

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