Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ilu Ilu's Pro Wrestling figures - a ringside look!

In July, I reported on new pro wrestling figures released by Ilu Iu at the Battle Aid pro wrestling event in Tokyo.

Here is an up close look at one of the sets - in action!
As always, Ilu Ilu's packaging is superb. Sakaguchi-san really took it to the next level with this set, which looks exceptional even when left in the box.

Back side
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The box is surrounded by what's called an obi, a slip of paper wrapped around an item (like a book or a box) and often containing more information about the item. This obi marks the date of the Battle Aid event and the two combatants in the Dynamic Fight set: Wild Cross and Great Oseki.
Here's the box without the obi. The Ilu Ilu logo and some snazzy graphics are revealed.

Even the internal packaging is excellent, showing the figures' names and an image of the championship belt. The figures are packed very carefully, held in place by twist ties. Also, the legs are slotted into the bottom for extra stability. This shot also shows how the figures come with their arms linked by a removable chain. They're ready for battle!
 Next let's look at the toys.
Wild Cross has a mask and championship belt.

Great Oseki has a mean hairstyle and vinyl cape.
Now that the introductions are over...
The combatants let their fists fly in a fast and furious flurry, both in and out of the ring.
But what is this treachery??? It's the dreaded Piranhan, who has slithered up from the depths to aid Oseki!

Oseki throws Cross back into the ring.

Unmasked and choked by the very chain that binds him to his enemy, Wild Cross lays back - hopeless...forsaken...possibly defeated.

Or is he??? Who is this masked infant perched on the top rope? (Hey, cut me some slack. We're so far down on the production values totem pole that even the Super 8 crew wouldn't throw us a bone.)

Yes, it's Luchador Kewpie!

LK does a quintuple somersault (Didn't see it? Neither did I. He is that fast!) and lands with an elbow to Oseki's neck.

And then....oh no....not the...yes, it's his finishing move - the Ankle Biter!
Wild Cross emerges from his daze and pins Great Oseki. The match is over!

Hooray! The champion wins! With a little help from LK. Si, por supuesto.

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