Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Design Festa 36 Part 2: Sights and Sounds

Design Festa, with its hundreds of booths and multitudes of artists, musicians, designers, exhibitionists, and other creative types, always has something eye catching to see. But you need to go in with soft eyes. It's one of the rare places in Tokyo where you'll see more smiles than stony stares. So you need to go in ready to go along for the ride!

Here are some pics of the sights and sounds of Design Festa 36:

Set up:

More after the jump:


Wind jewelry. Website: www.777angel.com


I am Toxic clothing. Bilingual website: toxicrevolution.com


Outdoor music

Pretty good band!


There were two tie-em-up S&Mish performance exhibition booths side by side on the 4th floor. Nothing too risquee. Very popular with the crowds!!!

This tilted a bit further out there on the risquee side. There were far more women in the audience than men.


Happy to see 4SK back again. Check out his work at: 4sk-graphic.com

Got a U-S-A, U-S-A chant going for a while...

Japan-based American artist Evan Barton

Holonda. Website: gabachogabacho.sakura.ne.jp


Made in Life. Available at: Toya Gallery 108 - website: toya-108.com


 That's a wrap for Design Festa 36. Thanks for eyeballin'!!

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CMR said...

Yeah, I've gotta say the zombie-esque "stony stares" syndrome is very tiresome, it really is prevalent in Japan.

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