Friday, July 20, 2012

Nederland MonsterJam opens today!

As we reported a few weeks back, a fantastic kaiju show for the Netherlands has long been in the works. The show. Nederland MonsterJam. opens today at the Concrete Image Store in Amsterdam and runs through July 30. (Click here for the store's exact location.)

This international kaijucopia contains 40 pieces from 15 artists, including:

Mark Nagata
Paul Kaiju
Shing Yin Khor
Todd Robertson
Masayoshi Hanawa
Will Long
Hardart Kustoms
Mark Bently

Gummon Vinyl Labs sent over pupil popping pics of some the figures in the show:
BLObPUS one-off custom Dokugon
 More after the jump:

Masayoshi Hanawa- Berotonian Jr.

MVH LASH-Sludge Demon custom

Paul Kaiju- Boss Carrion

Yamomark-King Kemenpa - painted by BLObPUS

Mark Nagata custom Eyezon

If you're interested in purchasing any of the pieces in the show, you can call the gallery at: +31 20 625 2225 or send them an email:

Kudos to GUUMON's Brian Mahony for making the show a reality and for helping expand the frontiers of global kaijudom. As we know, indie toys are all about introducing fans to these spectacular figures, one person at a time.

That's why shows like the Nederland MonsterJam are so important. They shine a wider spotlight on the indie toy world, offering an opportunity for folks who might never have heard of kaiju or toy customs to take their first step into the great sofubi (or resin, or clay, or wood, or mashed up toy + circuit-board + vacuum tube) beyond!


Bong Selecta said...

Just got home from The Jam were I met Brian, who's a real nice guy!!! He signed my clear Daigomi and I bought the awesome Bullmark Bemular he'd customized with monsterkolor paint. So only 39 toys are on display from today.

Anyone in Amsterdam pay Brian and Concrete a visit!

andy b said...

Nice sounds like you had a great time!!!

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