Thursday, June 28, 2012

Juveniland Tokyo - Haneda Airport Toy Museum and Shop

Toys are everywhere in Japan - even at the airport.
Haneda Airport, conveniently located in Tokyo, serves both domestic and international flights. You can get there quickly, but you still need to check in for flights 2-3 hours beforehand.

Haggard passengers anticipating another 10-20 hours of traveling bliss can either spend the slack time sipping subpar, overpriced coffee at a chain store, or they can wander about in search of something fun to do.

Fret ye not! Tokyo's Haneda Airport has you covered. Right there in the terminal is a free mini vintage toy museum and gift shop, featuring some spectacular tin toys, games, and figures from decades past.

It's called Juveniland Tokyo, and it's open from 9:00 AM - 7:30 PM. If you expand the above pic and squint you can get the full explanation, in English and Japanese, of the Latin derivation of the name. Vini Vidi Toy Time.

The display:

 More after the jump:


I think the toys are from his collection. He's a super famous collector.
Gift shop:


Click here for a page from the airport's website. It has a bit more info about Juveniland.

If you're like me, being at an airport is a bit like being at an IKEA. You never quite know where you are, and you're not very comfortable being there in the first place. If you're at Haneda, your best bet is to go to an information desk to pick up an airport map and location of Juveniland.

Have fun, or as the Romans might say, ludus la vida loca!

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