Sunday, May 13, 2012

Design Festa 35 Part 2: Visual Medley

Other sights from Design Festa 35 at the Tokyo Big Sight:

 More after the jump:

Atelier Pu set up

Now that's some serious planning!

Mame Pro

Yazuki Wolf

Lamosha - a really well-made boardgame illustrated, designed, and made by Wolf.

Ho Lo Fang made the trip over from Taiwan with their beautiful puppets.

Tofuboy Records


Beautiful designs, printed on high quality paper, and then highlighted by hand.

The 4SK booth was a real highlight of DF 35.

Jodi Simms - excellent photographer and artist


Really fun booth!

Split toe ninja shoes!!

Kai Hideyuki

Sazanami Ichiya


Junk Law
Astonishing art made from junk parts

Mr Ogay traveled over from Taiwan with a group of artists to work on this giant installation.

Well, that's all for Design Festa 35. Thanks for reading!

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