Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Plastic Heart: Store visit

My Plastic Heart is a cool little toy store in Manhattan. They manage to pack quite a lot into the space, with a row of shelves and cabinets on the left side which are chock full of vinyl for sale, and shelving on the right side that often features pieces from the latest custom or art show.

The friendly staff are ready and willing to chat about toys and answer any questions. The shop primarily sells "Western vinyl," including blind box figures and other designer toys, but there's also some nice sofubi in tham thar cases, and that's what I wanted to shoot and share.

Here are some shots of the kaiju and other sofubi for sale at the shop:

 More after the jump:

I picked up one of these RxH Eel Cats. 8 bucks - nice price!
Hope you enjoyed that little tour of MPH's sofubi offerings. Make sure to check out the store if you're in town!

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