Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Astro Zombies shop

Edit: Click here for my more recent shop write up (with store location, hours, etc.) from 2.2.2012

The venerable Astro Zombies toy shop has a new location. When I first rolled up to the old location in Namba, Osaka, I was concerned that the mini sign board wasn't out in front. Anyway, we went on up and found the floor was blocked out on the elevator. So we went to the next floor up and asked the shop keeper (I think it was a record store) what was up. He was super friendly and went downstairs and outside with us to point out the direction of the new AZ shop.
It's just down the road from the old shop. Basically, as you exit the old AZ, don't turn left or right. Just keep walking forward, for maybe 100-150 meters. you'll see the shop almost directly in front of you at the end of the alley. So, it's really easy to find. It's in the heart of the Namba otaku cluster, just around the corner from Super Position, Jungle, Heroes., etc. Prime location.

There are still "congratulations flowers" out in front, so it must have been a very recent move.

The new AZ's store site was previously occupied by an old skool toy shop - called Capsule or something.
The new AZ is bright, shiny, and well-stocked with a range of toys - same as the old shop. It occupies 2 levels of the building. There's also a 3rd floor, but it's currently blocked off.

Behind the register is a nice display of older Skullwings and other cool figures.

Check it out if you're in Kansai!

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