Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sakabashira Imiri Show @ Kaiju Blue / 「逆柱いみり 脳内リゾート展」@ カイジュウブルー

Kaiju Blue continues in its string of excellent exhibitions with another showing of kaiju toys, art, and customs. The newest exhibition, entitled Sakabashira Imiri's "Nounai Resort Kaiju/Yume de mita Yume" (Dream within a dream) opened on May 14th. It runs through June 17th. I caught the show just before leaving Tokyo and snapped some pics.

Kaiju Blue's a pretty small shop, but they pack a lot in.

The show focuses on sofubi figures by Billiken Shokai.

Show exclusives:
Riruze and Burugan:
Kuriten and Pharaos:
Matt Walker (Dead Presidents) customs:

Bob Conge custom:
Blobpus custom:
Mark Nagata custom:
Ilanena custom:
Dream Rockets custom:
石川次郎 Custom :Other customs:

Click here to check out my write up of the Vatundoo Exhibition @ Kaiju Blue.

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