Sunday, April 26, 2009

Superfestival 49!

Today's event was something else! Superfestival 49, held at the Science Museum in Kodanshita, was chock full of booths selling new sofubi, vintage toys, diecast, plastic, plush, resin, and everything in between.

As usual, once the doors opened, it was time for the Dealer Dash. This year, Marmit got a lot of attention for their new releases. (The dude in front is making a beeline for their table! Dash Dash Go!)
Dead Presidents. I had the pleasure of meeting Matt and seeing the cool customs he brought to the show.
A closeup of some of the many top notch pieces he brought:
Sunguts: Dream Rockets. Loads of customs!


New Toy! Moon Claw Beast:

Shikaruna. They just kept bringing out figure after figure from boxes beneath the table!

Blobpus & Vinyl Junkies:

Coming soon!
Awesome new shirts!!


Velocitron & Friends:

Some nice Godzilla & Friends:
Random dealers, people with plastic head wear, and more!

Here's an example of the kinds of bargains you can find at the shows:
Ultraseven exhibition:
Stuff I bought:
They really packed a LOT into this show, and everyone had a good time hanging out.

For lunch, I ate at a really nice vegetarian restaurant. After that, I was allowed to take snaps of one of Itokin Park's sketchbooks, and I got a first glimpse at one of the Ilanena-san x Kaiju Korner exclusives. Pics of all that and more to follow in the coming days!

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