Wednesday, July 30, 2008

GID Blobpus X Ilanena Diablo: Figure Focus

I love collaborations. They lead to some really exciting versions of new and old figures.

This collab is one of my favorites. It was released at last month's Taipei Toy Festival.

The figure, Diablo, is a Blobpus creation. The paint design and app was done by Ilanena. The result is a mind blowing figure. When I spoke to Ilanena-san at the recent WCC, I pantomimed my head exploding to try to explain how much my GF and I were mind bombed by seeing the figure in standard light and GID.

OK, to shoot this figure properly, I headed outdoors to my favorite local park. Fortunately, the recent typhoon is behind us and the weather was fairly mild (32 C) so the conditions were nice.

I like the graff and geometrical patterns on this stone table. They go nicely with the figure!

Here are some close ups. Kaji-san's figure design is insanely detailed!
Back at the house...
One of the amazing things about this paint app is how awesome it looks in GID mode. A lot of GID figures are kind of ho hum, and not too much thought goes into how the figure will look when the lights are off. Not so this one! The paint is applied so that the horns, eyes, and skulls are GID. Ilanena-san also worked in amazing detail on the other parts of the body, and it shows up very well when the figure is charged and the light switch is flicked off.
Finally, knowing Ilanena is a huge Star Wars fan, I set up a little meet and greet between Diablo and the vintage 12" crew. (I think they're negotiating for Han's medallion...) I hope we'll see a lot more collabs between Blobpus and Ilanena in the future!


Keith said...

Andy, so nice to see the blog starting to take off again. Your pictures are always great. The shot of the Diablo with the Jawa and R2 is classic.

andy b said...

Thanks Keith!

I was really busy for a number of months so I had to put the blog to the side. Now that I'm back at it, I'm having a lot of fun with KK. Thanks for checking it out!

Laina said...

Well said.

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