Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Custom Maverasu by Mark Nagata

Hi guys. Long time no see! Sorry I've been pretty busy the last 6-9 months. But there's lots of good stuff to post! Here's a custom rainbow Maverasu by Mark Nagata, kaiju master and owner of Max Toy Company.


Jay said...

Yey! Andy!

Good to see some updates again---

This is a 1/1? A commissioned one? Haven't seen this or any Mark Nagata one-off using Cronic figures for that matter. I am familiar with the collabs with Maxtoy but not much on one offs.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys ! Yep one off .. I did a few for collectors a few months ago .. but they sold out quickly ;-) By the way the Tripasu I did with cronic has been mailed to me, so look for it's US debut at a little convention called Comic Con .. thats a scoop by the way ! More posts Andy !

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