Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ugly Unicorn clear with guts

Rampage Toys has plans to give Ugly Unicorn the endoskeleton treatment. When I met up with Jon at Design Festa 34 the other day, he had clear parts on hand, as well as a prototype skeleton to test the concept.
First off, here's a snap I took a couple weeks back of a bag of clear Ugly Unicorn top and bottom halves.

One of the figures assembled.

Skeleton sheet that Jon made.

And the figure with the internal parts.
I think it's cool the way Jon is experimenting with so many techniques. Looking forward to seeing how this version turns out.

PS: Jon wrote in to add he made 5 proto skeleton versions, and they've all been sold and shipped to the U.U. faithful. The next batch of endo-uglies is slotted to be sold at the next Superfestival.

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