Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Max Toy x Kaiju Korner figure and print set

(The print won't have the KK logo watermark on it.)
I'm thrilled to be able to finally post details of the Max Toy x Kaiju Korner figure + print set. Mark Nagata and I have literally been talking for years about a way to collaborate. After we came up with the idea for this set, it took several more months of planning and work to arrive at this stage.

The kabuki-themed set contains two Max Toy mini figures: Dragigus + TriPus. They are all hand painted by Mark, with line art by Irene Fu. Each set also comes with a signed and numbered giclee print based on a painting by Irene. Limited to 15 sets.

The sets are $75 each + shipping, They'll go on sale right here on November 15 at 11:00 PM (Tokyo time). The sale will be first come, first served.

On behalf of Mark and Irene, thanks for everyone's support. See you next week!

UPDATE: The sets are sold out. Thanks everyone!

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