Saturday, November 5, 2011

NHK Ultraman Kaiju poll results announced!

About a week ago, I wrote about a poll NHK was running to find out which Ultraman kaiju was everyone's favorite. The results are now in. Here are the top 5, with the percentages they received:

1. Baltan 19%
2. Zetton 15.2%
3. Metron 11%
4. Gomora 10.1%
5. Pigmon 8.8%

I think these results are really interesting. I'd think that outside of Japan, if you asked a bunch of people which Ultrakaiju was their favorite, you might hear Baltan in there, but Pigmon would probably rank higher. Also, Kanegon and Booska surely would crack the top 5.

So this is a cool insight into which kaiju Japanese fans (who probably made up most vote casters) like.

Click here to go to the NHK page with all the results.


Mikey Likey said...

I was also surprised to not see Kanegon or Booska in the top 5.

Monsterforge said...

Yay! Baltan! He's always stuck in my mind as the scariest of the ultrakaiju... maybe because of that laugh. I was a small child when I first watched Ultraman, so I guess that stays with a fella!

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