Thursday, November 3, 2011

Design Festa 34 sofubi row preview

Once again, sofubi will be very well represented at the upcoming Design Festa (held at Tokyo's Big Site) on November 12-13.

Kaji-san posted this sumptuous image on his site listing the companies Blobpus will be alongside. 
Once again, sofubi fiends will be treated with a luscious drip of extravenous eye candy, with toys from Sunguts, Dream Rockets, Pico Pico, Nakayoshi, Yamomark, and of course Blobpus.

Grody Shogun, Velocitron, and I'm sure a bunch of others will also be on hand in different sections of the two floors that make up the massive event, which has steadily grown in importance on the indy toy circuit. Plus there's really no other event like it. (Click here to check out DF 33 and here for DF 32.)

KK will be there to provide coverage. Hope to see you there!


jeremy said...

greaaaat , i'm in Tokyo for 1 month.
hope to come^^

Anonymous said...

Any word whether the Mirock Toy booth will make an appearance?

andy b said...

Jeremy - cool, catch you there!

Anon - they had a booth at the last DF, but I haven't heard if they will this time. Let's hope so.

Jon said...

I'm there with Donand Refreshment Aya! Hope we can catch up! I'll have a TON of new unicorns, and a small run of Velocitron Ghouls - as well ad resin bundles!!!

andy b said...

Nice! The more toys, the merrier. See ya at the show! :O)

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