Thursday, November 10, 2011

Irene Fu x Uamou customs

Here's Irene's newest custom set: line art using Sign Painters' 1 shot pinstriping paint on blank Uamou figures. During my last visit to Taiwan, I picked up some super fine brushes from Germany, which allow for amazing precision at the micro level.
The smooth contours of Uamou's figures make them easy to work on. Also, the paint really pops on the bright white figures. It's early days, but a future collab may be in the works!


snakepunchesfox said...

Super cool little set. Irene Fu & Uamou are a perfect combination.

andy b said...

Thanks! I was just at Uamou's studio today. There's an AWESOME new show going on through Nov 22. I'm kind of backed up on everything I need to post, so it's going to take me a few days to put up. :p

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