Friday, November 18, 2011

New from Grody Shogun 11.18.2011

Some images from the Fort:
The plan is to release these painted. The clear vinyl is really nice.

Ditto on the clear En Mans. The glittery tinsel is in there because Luke was given a batch of the stuff by Amy from Lulubell. Luke and I had a spirited discussion about the merits of holo shredded tinsel vs cut sheets (which, incidentally, were used for the secret version of the Ilanena x Kaiju Korner release. ;-) The riveting conlusion: They are both shiny and of the goodness.

A word on the pink Oji-san's from Design Festa. These will also be sold painted. No plan to sell them unpainted.

Bonus image from my last Fort visit.


Monsterforge said...

Excellent news! I hope the painted Ojisans will be available to the US. Luke is a hard-workin' madman!

Thanks for the updates, Andy!

chimply.kaiju said...

Some cool stuff to look forward too from Luke. And Andy, thanks a billion for your updates! Also would you happen to know the name of the actual manufacturer that produces the vinyls for Luke? Thanks if you do.

andy b said...

That's currently done by a typical "factory," which in Japan is usually one or two people working together to pull the vinyl parts. There's a video of the process shot by Rampage Toys:

chimply.kaiju said...

Thanks Andy for the information and link to the video. Much appreciate.

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