Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Fuei Shokai character: Erlkonig

Hot on the heels of the release of their first character, Slender Man, Fuei Shokai is back in the saddle with a new one, called Erlkonig, The figure looks to have the body of Slender Man, but with new paint work and other noticeable differences.

Erlkonig has a cape, as well as a crown of sorts...a crown of nightmares, that is. The headpiece is composed of three real bones, this time from a badger. (Incidentally, Slender Man's teeth were human, but Fuei Shokai has emphasized that they were found, not purchased.) The crown looks to be tied together with a wire.
Erlkonig was just released in Japan - this weekend, in fact. It's being sold at Tacoche, a store on the 3rd floor of Nakano Broadway. The price is 7,000 yen. I asked Fuei Shokai if the figure will be available elsewhere, and they said international distribution of their line is being handled through Lulubell (as with Slender Man). No word yet when Erlkonig will be made available overseas.

Erlkonig is an old Danish folktale, which later became a poem by Goethe, a Schubert composition, and so on. Erlkonig (Elf King, from the original Danish) is an evil mystical being that stalks the forest and carries children away. Creepy stuff.

Fuei Shokai's new toy version of the legend certainly carries a sinister connotation!


Monsterforge said...

Where the heck do you just find human teeth laying around??? Japan ROCKS HARD!!!

andy b said...

LOL I didn't want to ask too many questions!

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