Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Plaseebo x Todd Robertson Mecha Brain Crawler

Bob Congee (Plaseebo) writes in to tell us about a new collaboration with Todd Robertson, whose mecha virus creations have been seen at many a locale, including Pachisummit, the Blobpus x Masayoshi Hanawa exhibition, and of course the Lot F gallery. Bob we also know well from his many sofubi creations and customs which have been shown at countless shows worldwide.

The two have joined forces to create a stunning short run of figures, called the Mecha Brain Crawler. Here's a description of the collab, in Bob's words:

"We are pleased to offer the second collaboration with one of our favorite customizers. For this offering Todd has infected the Plaseebo Night Gamer vinyl brain and Bobs hand cast resin Octocrawler base with his "Mecha Virus" to create the "MECHA BRAIN CRAWLER ".

Using Styrene, aves sculpt, found electronics, vintage vacuum tubes, resin, vinyl, and glass marbles, Todd has created a masterfully crafted  original figure lusciously painted with MonsterKolor, Montana sprays, acrylics and One shot. This unique character is based on Todds original backstory."
More pics of the figures, followed by Todd's backstory of the figure + ordering info:

 More after the jump:

The backstory, in Todd's words:
"In a fusion of the mecha virus and small particles left behind from Night Gamers dimensional jumps, the Mecha Brain Crawlers were formed.  These M.B.C.'s use special enhanced mecha sections to communicate between one another and other creatures infected by the virus.  They also have the ability to store information about the infected creatures and each of their locations.  In a sense, the M.B.C.'s act as a GPS and a flash drive for the mecha virus. 

These creatures developed from the mecha virus taking the small Night Gamer particles and replicating them until a brain, much like that of the Night Gamers, was formed. The mecha virus created two vacuum tubes to aid in communication. The first smaller tube, helps them connect to each other. The second bigger tube, is used to keep track and send messages to other infected creatures. After the organic and robotic parts merged, octopus-like tentacles grew from the bottom of the brain. This gave them some limited mobility. These creatures live throughout the universe and even in other dimensions. Being almost everywhere allows them to stay connected to the entire mecha virus web. Thinking or communicating causes M.B.C.'s to glow in a full spectrum of colors."
Finally, ordering details, as Bob writes:
"This is an ULTRA LIMITED Edition of only 6 custom pieces. Each Mecha Brain Crawler features three glass eyes, two glass vacuum tubes, an array of electronic parts and a switched color changing LED unit that illuminates the brain and glass eyes from within. 

The edition will be available from the PLASEEBO web shop http://plaseebo.net/ on FRIDAY December 2nd for $450. each."


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