Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rubber Duck toy store visit

Rubber Duck is a Tokyo toy store focusing on western lines like super hero figures, Transformers, and video game toys. They've been open since 2007, but I first visited the shop for the recent Frenzy Bros show.

And that's the other part of the equation: I was told that, even after the show, the shop planned to continue selling Frenzy toys, which are pretty hard to get outside of shows like Super Festival.

Let's start with the store details:

Tel: (03) 6427 6457
Address: 〒113-0033 東京都文京区本郷2-40-14-201
Closest subway station: Hongo-Sanchome (on the Marunouchi Line)
Store hours: Tues-Sat 11:00-20:00, Sun + holidays: 11:00-18:00 (NOTE: You might want to call before heading over to make sure someone's there.)
Click here for a Google map to the exact location
Nearest subway station - literally less than 2 minutes from the store.
Moving on to store pics:
 More after the jump:

Indie toys case, shot during the Frenzy show. Most of the figures in this case were display only. I was told they may keep a part of this display intact along with releasing new Frenzy toys for sale.
Point card system
It's nice to see an indie shop like Rubber Duck going strong after 5 years. Around a decade ago, western toys like Spawn and Star Wars were huge in Japan. That declined, but the recent wave of super hero movies like the Avengers have helped lead a resurgence.

If you're into those toys or want to pick up some Frenzy (and possibly other indie toys - they had some OMFG figures in the cabinet when I was there), or just to see a very impressive Frenzy display (if they keep it up), then it's definitely worth planning a trip to Rubber Duck.

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