Saturday, September 8, 2012

Loft Artist Selection Exhibition

Yesterday, on the 5th floor of the Shibuya Loft department store, a rather unusual event opened. I only heard about it because a collector bumped into me in Shibuya and brought me over. ( ありがとうございました. )
The event, which runs through October 3, is unusual in its eclectic mix of sofubi, western vinyl, customs, plush, and other figures. Japanese artists like Kaijin, Uamou, Konatsu, and Chima Group were represented in the display cabinets, while a wide selection of Kidrobot figures by Kozik, Touma, Huck Gee, and many others stocked display shelves.

As you can see from the below pics, quite a few of the one-offs quickly sold out. But it looks like they're being kept on display for a while before heading home with their buyers.
Miyata Keiko


All the Konatsu figures sold on the first day.
 More after the jump:

Really nice customs, using a unique painting style - reminiscent of traditional Japanese art - not only to paint toys, but also for her illustrations.





File this case under things you don't see every day!

Takeyama Noriya


Monster Factory


Masks similar to the ones done for a couple of Real Head customs at a show at Kaiju Blue a couple years ago.

Pretty cool. First time I've seen work done on an uncut sheet.

Chima Group

Liking these

These too - wind up dinos!

And these too. Really nice work

Pico Pico

Toy Field

I'm not a plush/doll collector, but I really like the way these are done. There's a vintage feel - blended with kawaii culture - with the materials, design, and paint.

Quality stuff

Hakusai Works
 Display shelves:


Takeyama Noriya

Kozik + others

Bearbricks of every size + a monstrous 20" Tara McPherson Dunny

8" Dunnys

Touma + Tara

Huck Gee + Kidrobot mascot

Kaijin + Touma

More Kaijin

Touma Goon

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