Sunday, September 16, 2012

Frenzy pics + news @ Rubber Duck

Today I swung by Rubber Duck to look for my camera case. Turns out it wasn't there alas, but the good news is, following the recent Frenzy show at the shop, they are indeed maintaining a strong Frenzy presence front and center.

Here's a look at the case, including preview shots, display figures, and figures for sale:
These upcoming releases are about 8" tall.
 More top shelf figures:

 Display figures:
 More after the jump:

Still no word on when or if the red and purple Frenzy Devilman figures will be sold.

Nice unpainted Max Toy x Frenzy test pulls.
 Figures for sale:

These weapon kits are made in China and produced by Spy Monkey.

I went onto their site, and these weapon kits are not only easy to order through their site, but they're made compatible with the Glyos system. Funny how so many things link up in the indie toy world!

Frenzy figure bundled with Spy Monkey weapon.
Now a bit of news. I was told plans are in the works for a follow-up Frenzy show at Rubber Duck. The exact date hasn't been set yet, but it will likely be sometime this November. Show details will be posted on the Rubber Duck website once they're finalized.

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