Thursday, September 27, 2012

RESTORE DTA exclusive Debris Japan

As part of next month's Designer Toy Awards festivities, RESTORE is releasing a new version of their Debris Japan figure, which was nominated for Best Sofubi Figure. Congratulations on the nomination, Abe-san!

This extraordinary release, dubbed the "Debris Japan SFB "Sol" DTA Exclusive" is on GID base vinyl, with a scintillating "cracked paint" application. The figure is really stunning both in standard light and glow mode.

The paper inscription covering the figure's face means "reincarnation" in Japanese. Plus, all the figures, which are slotted to retail at $110 each, will have slightly different paint apps, making each one unique.

The Designer Toy Awards, which Kaiju Korner was proud to be nominated for in the Best Blog category - thanks so much to everyone who voted for us! - will be announced at a ceremony on October 13 at:

Providence NYC
311 West 57th Street (between 8th and 9th Ave)
New York City 10019

The event starts at 8:00 PM. Good luck to all the nominees! :O)

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