Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mimobot POP display at Loft Shibuya

I've been a big Mimobot fan for years. The company makes USB flash drives designed as different characters from both indie + uber famous toy lines, movies, comics, etc ranging from Tokidoki to Star Wars to Bruce Lee. The drives also contain multimedia files based on the properties, such as sound files, wallpaper, etc.

In my experience, they're not only fun to use for removable storage, but I've also found them to be long-lasting and reliable, as the flash memory chips are encased in rock solid Mimobot bodies.

I've got to tip my hat to the Boston-based company for pushing forward over the years, working with tons of different companies to license their characters, and getting their products into large and small shows and shops in different countries. They've got a brilliant marketing team. For example...

At the 2010 Taipei Toy Festival:
 At the 2012 SDCC:
At Tokyo's Tokyo:
Back to the future - the other day, I spotted a glorious Mimobot POP display at the Loft department store in Shibuya. Here are some pics followed by a couple of videos:
 More after the jump:


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