Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Day Yusei Majin (遊星魔人) release

Today, the second version of Yusei Majin (遊星魔人) - the indie sofubi toy inspired by the classic vintage toy Ooze It - was released at Cosmo Knight Alpha.
The gold paint release comes with a small unpainted snake, perhaps to mark 2013, which is the Year of the Snake.
Yusei Majin (遊星魔人) means something like Planetary Demon or maybe Planet Devil. (These names are always really tricky to translate. If someone wants to jump in with a better translation, please drop it in the comments section.)
From this pic we can spot the figure's green base color.
I first wrote about Yusei Majin in August 2012, when the proto sculpt was revealed at the 2012 Summer Wonder Festival. Click here to check out the post.
Display sample

This sample figure is also on green base vinyl.

Unpainted - display only.
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